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The products below are a result of many years of experience and understanding of the practical problems involved in equipment design, selection and installation.  To get more info on any program, click on the program name.  If you would like to use the program in your business, place an order.

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Airconditioning Programs

Program NameDescriptionPrice
SA Rand
PsyChart Visual psychrometric chart with active air state and HVAC processes.  Includes feature to solve psychrometrics in Excel. R 1 200
PipeFlow Fluid circuit pressure drop calculator. Ideal for pump selection R 1 200
Water Water piped flow pressure drop calculator R 600
RoomHeat Building heat load calculator R 2 100
SolarAngles Solar angle and window solar heat gain calculator R 450
PeakLoad Room Peak Load Calculator R 1 200
DuctMate Electronic duct calculator R 600
DuctPricer Duct pricing program R 1 800
QuickDuct Duct item price calculator R 600
DuctNet Duct network designer R 2 800
PipeNet Pipe network designer R 2 800


Refrigeration Programs

Program NameDescriptionPrice
SA Rand
ColdRoom Cold room load calculator R 3 500
LineSize Refrigerant line size. Has selection of all commonly used refrigerants R 900
MollierChart Plots the refrigeration cycle on the p-h diagram for evaluation R 900
CoolTime Product cooling and freezing time calculator R 1 200
RefDiag Refrigeration System Diagnostic R 600


Coil Design Programs

Program NameDescriptionPrice
SA Rand
Chilled Water Coil Chilled Water Coil Designer R 2 500
Hot Water Coil Hot Water Coil Designer R 2 000
Direct Expansion Coil Direct Expansion Coil Designer R 2 500
Air Cooled Condenser Air Cooled Condenser Coil Designer R 2 500
Steam Coil Steam Coil Designer R 1 500
Heat Reclaim Coil Heat Reclaim Coil Designer R 3 000
Sprayed Coil Sprayed Coil Designer R 3 000
EvapCooler Evaporative Cooler  


Equipment Designers

Program NameDescriptionPrice
SA Rand
aPac Airconditioning package range designer quote
FanBelt Fan belt and pulley selector with auto fan speed selector R 250
RefSim Refrigeration Cycle Simulator. R 6 500
CapTube Capillary tube selector R 450
CondUnit Condensing Unit Designer R 3 800
CompMan Compressor Database Manager R 350
FanMan Fan Database Manager R 350
CableSize Electrical Cable Size calculator R 350
Silencer Insert Silencer Designer R 500
FrigoSim Thermal System Simulator ...


Program design tools.

Program NameDescriptionPrice
SA Rand
AirState Moist air state calculator R 250
Psy-Excel Psychrometrics using Excel spreadsheets R 200
PsyPlot Plot a professional psychrometric chart R 200
DutyCalc Quick duty calculator, psychrometric calculations R 200
ACSpec Air specification for HVAC equipment design R 200
LMTDCalc Log Mean Temperature Difference Calculator R 400
eNtuCurve Heat Exchanger Effectiveness Calculator R 400
HexDuty Heat Exchanger Duty Calculator R 600
WorldLocations World locations database manager - weather database R 300
Climate World Climate Database R 500
WallBuilder Wall heat transfer coefficient calculator R 350
DoorFlow Air leakage through cold room door R 350
DuctFlow Air pressure drop in single duct run R 1 200
DuctView Duct Fittings Loss Coefficient Calculator R 900
eGeyser Electric Water Heater simulator R 200
Moody Moody Diagram Calculator R 250
CurveFitter Curve Fitter (polynomial and compressor MLR) R 350
ConvertIT Engineering Unit Converter R 150
TimeZone World Time Explorer R 120
IniEditor Ini file editor. Ini structure format R 120
IniPad Ini file editor. Text file format R 200



Toys, Games and Hobby.

Program NameDescriptionPrice
SA Rand
Sudoku Sudoku Solver R 250
SpellMagic Target and Anagram Solver R 250
Memory Flash card game R 120


Refrigeration Training Software and Books.

Package NameDescriptionPrice
SA Rand
REFRIBASE SOFTWARE Learn the basics of refrigeration ...
REFRIPAIR SOFTWARE Learn to repair refrigeration systems ...
REFRIDIAG SOFTWARE Diagnose refrigeration faults quickly and easily ...
CHILREPAIR SOFTWARE Learn about water and air systems ...
REFRILEC SOFTWARE Learn to solve all electrical problems ...
REFRIBASE MANUAL Beginners reference manual ...
REFREPAIR MANUAL Repair reference manual ...
Psychrometrics Text book covering the basics of psychrometrics ...
Geoff Alder Heat Energy and Refrigeration ...
Charles Nicolson Understanding Cooling Water Treatment  


Special discounts for package orders

Package NameDescriptionPrice
SA Rand
ColdRoom Deluxe Cold room load calculator with powerful box designer. Includes ColdRoom, BoxDesigner, LineSize, MollierChart and CoolTime R 3 500
Airconditioning Suite AirState, PsyChart, PsyPlot, RoomHeat, PeakLoad, SolarAngles, DuctMate, PipeFlow, Water, DuctPricer, QuickDuct, DuctView. R 6 250
Coil Design Package Complete coil library (ACC, CWC, DXC, HWC, STC, HRC, SPC) R 6 500
Refrigeration System
RefSim (with internal dxc and acc) , MollierChart, LineSize, CapTube, Refdiag R 6 500
DuctNet Designer DuctMate, DuctNet, DuctPricer, QuickDuct, DuctView R 4 200
REFRIG TRAINER Complete package (Software and Books)

details of special package offer

BSIMAC This is a heat load program written by Dr Alec Johannsen.  The program is based on the radiant time series method. ...


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