TechniSolve Software

Software for the air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration industry

Step-by-Step to get your software

  1. See the pricing page for item costs *.

  2. Email your order directly to us at
  3. Make sure to give your company name, the program you want and your contact address.
  4. We will send you an order confirmation, an invoice and our banking details.
  5. Do a direct account transfer.
  6. We will email your registration key after payment confirmation.


* If you need a group of programs, like the air-conditioning range, consider the packages options.  These have been priced to include a special 25% discount.


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All the programs have been zipped with WinZip. The zip file contains everything you need to run the program. Simply download, unzip and run the setup.  The program icon will appear on your Windows menu and you are ready to work.


Demo programs are available on request.

We will post you a CD that includes the bulk of our program range.


Try our download calculator to estimate how long it will take to download the software.