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Quick and easy duct calculations

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When I started doing contracting, I was given a cardboard nomograph by one of the equipment suppliers in South Africa.  I used this cardboard nomograph until the edges were frayed and it was covered in my notes.  I did however find that it was limited because it could not compensate for altitude, different duct internal roughness or temperature. 

This program is based on fundamentals and has complete flexibility in data input.

  • Allows easy recalculation of all values.
  • Accounts for atmospheric pressure and temperature.
  • Select altitude from World Locations database.
  • Customisable duct friction factors.
  • Calculates equivalent rectangular duct clear dimensions.
  • Allows fixing of any rectangular dimension, program calculates the other.
  • Based on calculation procedure in ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook.
  • Work in any unit system, simply click on the units the change.
You don't have to work in a fixed set of units

Change any units to suit your needs.  We have made this feature especially flexible.  Just right-click on the unit and choose from any of the options to convert.