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Only the peak matters

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The calculation of heat load is a complicated problem.  This is partly due to the delay of the various room peak load calculatorinstantaneous heat loads on the plant but also because of the variations in loads during the 24-hour period.

A solution that has been proposed to deal with the problem of a sun lit wall is to introduce a cooling load factor (CLF). 

This program calculates an estimate of the peak load only.  It allows the user to make a quick estimate without having to simulate the daily profile.

Entering heat loads is easy.  Just press the [Add] key and select a load type.  Now, edit the properties of the load.  Next, press the [Solve] key and the sum of all total and sensible loads will be calculated. 

Once the sensible heat load is known, the program calculates the airflow and sends the data to a psychrometric chart.  In addition, the program calculates the required air quantity and the leaving coil air state.  This in turn allows the full specification of the cooling coil that is needed to achieve the room set-point.  In order to get a real coil, you would normally send the results of this program to an equipment manufacturer.  This program makes this step easy by saving the data to an AirSpec data file.  This program is supplied for free to the airconditioning and refrigeration industry and allows all users to read your data files.