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To be involved in the ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry, you have to develop many areas of knowledge. This includes psychrometrics, refrigerants, steam, compressors, cooling coils, electrics, controls, software, fans, refrigerant fittings, ducting, air movement...

You will agree that this list could get very long. In today's fast moving pace, you will need to solve diverse problems and you will need help from many people in the AC & R industry.


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On the South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC) web site are links to:

Training Providers  (software training tools)

Local Official Bodies

International Official Bodies

Company Directory

Technical Data Manual


In the course of developing our programs, we have used other software:

General Tools

Refrigeration Training Software

HVAC Glossary



Have a Problem that you need to discuss with someone?


Try the HVAC & R forums.

I find these very useful to get answers to any question. Think about it, there are close to 4000 active users on-line all of the time and they are keen to help. Even if the answer is not exactly what you wanted, it will get your thought process working.



Refrigeration and Air Conditioning:

This is a very popular site. So far, I am very impressed by the response that I find.



Aircondition and Ventilation:



Just be clear that anyone can answer, maybe even someone who knows less than you.


Also, don't be greedy. Browse the threads and give your input to other peoples questions.



Internet Storage Space


Every now and then, you need send a BIG file to someone.  Maybe you need to send the latest budget spreadsheet to your boss or you need to get the latest CAD drawings to the factory in China.


I've had this problem and don't think that you can just email.  Email doesn't always work for this kind of thing because the other email gets full or is not accessible or...  and your BIG email gets bounced back to you because the other side doesn't accept Excel files.  Now, the file has taken 2 trips around the world and it has still not been received!!


There is a solution to this problem (and it is GOOD).


Get Dropbox...


Dropbox is a web site that gives you storage space.  All you have to do is register on Dropbox and you get an account where you can upload files.  Now, you just send someone a link to that file and that's it.  You have sent a BIG file and all you needed to do is email the link.


But, Dropbox has a much better feature.  You download the Dropbox program and it creates a folder on your system that is linked directly to your Dropbox account.  Now you can send a BIG file without even logging in to your account.  All you do is copy the file to your local Dropbox folder.


How did I not find this amazing facility earlier ???




I am constantly searching for information.  It's a real pain because the more I find, the more questions are added to my long list of things to do and know...


Most times, the info you get is not in the form you need.  This means that you have to do a bit of work to get to grips with it.  As I get to explore the data, I tend to write about it (mostly to document my thought processes).  That's why you will find that my articles are listed as LAST UPDATED.  Sometimes people email me with corrections or new information and so I will update my article to suit.


Check out my latest articles here...



Let me know if you have any comments or ideas.


Companies and Organizations


Some organizations actually supply some useful information to the industry.






Contact me if you would like me to consider a link to your page.