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The air states must be specified correctly

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I have been at the receiving end of a number of specifications while working as an equipment manufacturer.  The figures are often inconsistent and it generally takes a bit of guesswork to choose the correct air quantity or cooling duty from the choices given.

psychcrometric specification

With this program, you can build a spec or check on that is given to you.

The routines for this program were originally written by me in 1992 in Pascal under the DOS operating system.  I used it extensively to test specifications when selecting equipment.  The problem was that it was a popup and did not allow the easy sharing of information with other applications.  Windows has changed all of that for us.  Now we can use this program to create a specification and send the result to a selector to do the equipment selection.

This program lets you enter any of the properties needed to fully specify a/c plant thermal requirements.  The airconditioning designer should find this program useful when sending an enquiry to a manufacturer or supplier.

You will see that the program has a PsyChart.  You can drag the points around the chart and it will automatically update the entry fields.

Oh, one of the features that I forgot to mention.  The program is FREE.