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Charles Nicolson  "Cooling Water Conditioning"
Published by the author C&J Nicolson, 2003, ISBN 0-620-30279-8.

Charles Nicolson has written an excellent book that covers practical aspects of water treatment.  He offers good practical advice that you won't find in the normal textbook.  When I started writing the SAIRAC Technical Data CD, quite by chance I saw that Charles had just published a book on water treatment.  I gave Charles a call and we arranged to meet for coffee.  Charles made a very generous gesture by allowing me to add a huge body of his work on the SAIRAC data CD.  After reading the text, I would have no hesitation to recommend this book to all owners of water cooled condensers.

Charles has many years of experience in our industry are speaks with knowledge in these areas.  If you read the South African RACA journal, you will see that Charles is a regular contributor. His style is easy to read and he approaches the theory from an understanding of the fundamentals rather than the equations.



If you want to get a copy, email me and I will arrange it for you.