TechniSolve Software

Software for the air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration industry

We will write software to suit your requirements.

This includes equipment selection, design, catalog and web programs.  Our specialty is in the field of thermal engineering but we get involved in all engineering applications.  Should you wish to implement some novel design then you will find us very interested.  We are particularly interested in designing new systems from 1st principles.

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Links to other HVAC Software and Training programs

REFRIBASE How do air-conditioners work?  How are they installed, maintained and repaired?
REFREPAIR The Best-seller in breakdown repairs with more than 430 breakdown situations analyzed step-by-step.
CHILREPAIR 80% refrigeration and 20% hydraulics:  Condenser cooling towers, chilled water plant, air handling plant, etc.
REFRIDIAG More than 45 real-life simulations of refrigeration faults of increasing difficulty, given on different types of installations.
REFILEC Creation of diagrams (from single phased air-conditioners to three-phase air-conditioning units) and making repairs.
BSIMACHeat load calculator using the Radiant Time Series method.  Developed by Dr Alec Johannsen, South Africa