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Introducing the new software package for the selection of the TROX TC-H and TC-V component air handling unit range.

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trox software selectionThe TROX component air-handling unit is a frameless yet extremely rigid modular designed product with a stability greater than any frame system.  By utilizing a small set of standard panel sizes, which are from readily available stock, various options of units size and configuration can be achieved.  With this design, the choice of horizontal or vertical units is simple.  All panel are interchangeable and the adding of compartments or extensions to the unit of future unit upgrading is therefore easily achievable.  The system allows extraordinary flexibility to suit each individual requirement.

TechniSolve have developed a powerful selection program that will automatically select the best unit to meet a given specification.  In addition, the software allows you to determine the capacity of any of the catalog units at different design conditions.

Once you have found a suitable air handling unit, you are able to view the fan curve, the coil performance, the general arrangement drawing, the wiring diagram, the controls and even place an order.  The performance is not simply an adjusted catalog value but a detailed calculation based on actual coil performance.