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Thursday, March 22, 2007

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In order to generate a quote, it is necessary to select the right equipment.  Refrigeration equipment suppliers carry an enormous range of parts to satisfy the needs of their customers so there is a lot of potential confusion about which equipment to include.

TechniSolve Software has developed a selection program for RECO that automates the whole process from enquiry to quote.  In this article, we will describe some of the basic features of the program.

As you start the program, you will see the main form.  At the top is a menu with some quick buttons for quick selection and below is a tabbed notebook with all the equipment arranged in a logical way. 

The first page contains the design conditions.  On this page, you will specify the load and basic operating conditions of the equipment.  Here, you also specify the type of equipment that will be selected.  For example,  in a cold room application, you will want a blower coil and may want to build up the rest of the system from the compressor and an air cooled condenser.  Your condenser could also have been a condensing unit where the compressor and condenser would be selected from a range of pre-matched items.

There are a number of ways that you can specify the load.  If you have a client who has done his own calculation, simple enter the number directly.  We have provided a number of ways to assist in calculating the load.  On the first page are a number of buttons that run dedicated calculators.  If your application is a simple coldroom, click the ColdRoom button and a coldroom load calculator will appear.  As you modify the values, the load will be automatically recalculated.  If you press accept, the calculator will close and the result will be transferred to the main form.

When specifying air temperature, you can enter a single number.  For example you may design for 32°C.  Moist air is a bit more complicated however.  Internally, the program will assume a relative humidity for you if you enter only one number.  Actually, the state of moist air can only be specified fully if at least two properties are specified.  To make it easier to enter moist air conditions, we provide a form that does all the calculations for you.  In this form, you can enter any two properties and the rest will be automatically updated.

Specifying the barometric pressure is necessary for heat load calculations.  You are not expected to know the pressure at every site around the world.  We have developed a World Locations database that will allow quick selection of many locations.  If your one is not there, simple add it to the database.

ToolsIf you have a special application that has more detailed input, we have provided links to the TechniSolve ColdRoom calculator.  This is a standalone application that gives you complete flexibility in designing and solving any cold room application.  For more information, see ColdRoom load calculator.



This web page is intended to communicate the latest information about the RECO Selector program.  If you need more information, give us a call.

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