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WinZip  All of our supplied programs are zipped with WinZip.  If you don't have a copy, download an evaluation version from the WinZip site.

Paint Shop Pro  After experimenting with many graphics packages, we have homed in on Paint Shop Pro extensively for graphics in our software packages.  It is easy to use and has plenty features for the novice to create good pictures.

EditPad  This is like a replacement for the Windows NotePad but much better.  It supports big files, multiple pages and multiple file replace.  I have replaced my Windows NotePad with this program.

CurveExpert  To computerise your catalog, you will need a curve fitter.  This is the best I have seen anywhere.

ACDSee 32  As you browse your drive for images, you will notice that Windows '98 Explorer does not show a preview. This is like a Windows explorer with an image preview but much better.  In Windows XP, Microsoft have corrected this shortfall by including this feature in the Windows Explorer.

Delphi  I used to be a great supporter of the Delphi programming language, mainly because the base language is Pascal.  All of our programs and tools are currently written in Delphi but we are considering a move to C++, and at this point all I can say is that it won't be the version supplied by Borland.

Acrobat  I'm sure that most people have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installer.  It is free from Adobe and allows you to access many documents on the Internet.  I find it a bit slow on downloading but you can't do without it.

Namo Capture.  All of the screen clips that you see on this site were done with Namo Capture.  Its easy to use and gives a small size gif image.

Kotza International.  I have been very impressed by the training programs supplied by Kotza.  These are a set of training tools that take you through the basics of refrigeration to advanced diagnostics methods.  TechniSolve Software is the agent for sales in South Africa.  You can get a demo from us and try it out for yourself.

Frigosoft.  Writing a general purpose thermal system design tool is no easy task.  In the past, I have written smaller dedicated system solvers but nothing on the scale of the FrigoSim program.  This program allows you to build any refrigeration system, specify boundary conditions and calculate a time varying output.  It has a wide range of components, refriogerants and fluids.  I expect that the South African mining industry would be interested in using this program to optimize the performance of their surface chiller plant.


Some general programs that we offer to our customers for free

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