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This program has been written to allow you to capture graphical data into digital form.  Its my attempt to create a software digitiser.  I used it with great success in generating data for the CFW program where I was supplied with a paper catalog.

You simply scan the picture and read it into the DataReader program.

Next, you calibrate by entering the co-ordinates of the minimum and maximum positions.  Now move the cursor to each limit and click.  The program will now read actual scale values.  You can check this by moving the cursor around the chart and reading the values on the status line.

Now to digitize a curve, move the cursor along any curve and click a number of points.  These readings are automatically copied into a file that you can copy to a spreadsheet or any other application.

A good idea now is to plot the data and compare it to your original paper copy.

The final step is to fit a curve through the data.  You can use the regression tool in most spreadsheets but I have found an amazing curve fitter that you should consider if you plan to do this type of work.  The program is CurveExpert and can be downloaded from  I would strongly recommend that you buy the CurveExpert program.