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How much do the coils cost?

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You can't price coils on the basis of cost per face area.  The reason is that the individual items making up the coil volume have a significant effects on the final price.  For example, the fin material could be copper, aluminum or epoxy coated aluminum.  With the various fin spacing and row depth, the final price could double for the same face area.

This program allows you to set raw material costs and calculates the price and weight of a coil based on the materials used.



The database editor allows you to set costs for all of the raw materials.  From the dimensions, the program calculates the mass of each of the components and the price.

You have control over the price by modifying the following parameters.

; Coil Cost Source Data
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; Fins, mm
; Tubes, 1/8 inch
; FinCost, R/kg
; TubeCost, R/kg
; TubeLabour, Cost, R/hr
; TubeLabour, WorkRate, Tubes/hr
; Bends, R each
; Casing, Size, mm x mm
; Casing, Cost, R/Sheet
; Header, R/kg
; Packing, Density, kg/m3