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We supply the most powerful range of applications for the airconditioning and refrigeration system designer.  Click on some of the links below to get more program information.

Before you download any of the programs on offer, please visit the Pricing page to see our complete product price list.


Dynamic Psychrometric Chart
Moist Air State Calculator
Psychrometric Duty Calculator
AC Specification
Psychrometric Chart Plotter
Heat Load
Room Heat Load Calculator
Solar Angle Calculator
Zone Peak Load Calculator
World Locations Database
Wall Heat Transfer Coefficient Calculator
Electronic Duct Calculator
Duct Network Designer
Duct Tender Pricer
Duct Item Pricer
Duct Fittings Editor
Duct System Optimizer
Cold Room Load Calculator
Mollier Chart Editor (p-h diagram)
Product Cooling Time Calculator
Refrigerant Line Sizer
Capillary Tube Selection
Ammonia Absorption Cycle
Component Design
Refrigeration Cycle Designer
Chiller Designer
Tank Chiller Design
Coil and heat exchanger designer
Thermal System Simulation
Duct Insert Silencer
Practical fan belt pulley size
Electric Cable Sizing
Water Systems
Pipe Network Designer
Water Pressure Drop Calculator
Pipe Fittings Editor
Chilled Water Valve Selector
Water Properties
Steam Tables
Moody Diagram
Water Spray Systems
Training and Technical
Technical Data Manual
Refrigeration Training Software
Refrigeration Books
Psychrometry Book
Equipment Selection
AirCon Package Designer
Fan Coil Unit Selector
Condensing Unit Range Designer

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